Your Guide to Healthy Eyes

The first time the vast majority of people begin to think about the long-term health of their eyes is after the age of 40. That’s when they either put on their first pair of reading glasses or at least realize that they’d read a lot better if they had a pair. In truth, the time for thinking about your eye health starts many years before. While certain risk factors for age-related eye diseases, such as genetics, are beyond our control, others are well within our power to manage. The decisions you make—by the diet you follow, how you chose to shade your eyes and whether or not you smoke—will affect the health of your eyes in the years to come.

Thankfully, it’s never too late to start. Click here for some lifestyle tips that will help you get a jumpstart on healthy vision. You can also test your Vision IQ or enjoy some great-tasting recipes for nutrient-rich foods.


healthy lifestyles for healthy vision

Healthy lifestyles for healthy vision

Here are tips parents can follow to make sure their children enjoy healthy vision from infancy on, and ways we can all take better care of our vision. More »

are you at risk? Take out quiz.

Are you at risk?

Are you taking care of your vision? Take this quick test to find out the challenges to eye health, and learn some great ways to care for your vision along the way. More »

recipes for healthy vision

Recipes for healthy vision

Ready to move beyond carrots for eye health? Or just looking for something delicious to make tonight. Either way, you don't want to miss our recipes for healthy vision. Bon Appetit. More »