Eye Health FAQs

Introduction to eye health

Introduction to Eye Health

To most of us they seem like ordinary events – catching the sunrise, spying a butterfly, discovering a field of wildflowers, seeing a master artwork in a museum or looking at a loved one’s face. Yet, for the 285 million people around the world who are blind or vision impaired, the full beauty of those images can only be imagined or remembered. More »

Assults on the eyes

Assaults on Eyes

We lather ourselves up with suntan lotion at the beach, fearing a sunburn if we don’t. We trim the fat off a steak, hoping we’ll keep our cholesterol in check. Yet, we go about our daily lives without thinking much about what might be damaging our eyes. More »

hereditary risk factors and more

Risk Factors

In addition to the environmental assaults and behaviors that impact our eyes, there are several risk factors for eye conditions that affect our vision. More »